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MODIS Meetings - April 2013 Atmosphere Breakout Presentations

Below are the presentations that were given at the May 2012 MODIS Science Team Meeting. Simply click on the link to begin the download.
April 16, 2013
Impacts Of Absorbing Aerosols on Melting of Snowpack in Himalayas/Tibetan Plateau and Regional Hydroclimate
Powerpoint (20.7 MB) | PDF (17.4 MB)

B. Lau
Assessing Aerosol Intercontinental Transport and Climate Impacts From Satellites and Models
Powerpoint (20.1 MB) | PDF (18.9 MB)
H. Yu

Cloud drop effective radius as seen from aircraft, MODIS and MISR
Powerpoint (12.2 MB) | PDF (9.9 MB)

L. Di Girolamo
Variation of ice crystal shape, size & asymmetry parameter in tropical deep convection retrieved from combined MODIS and POLDER measurements
Powerpoint (59.1 MB) | PDF (20.4 MB)
B. van Diedenhoven

Deep convective cloud system size and structure: thermodynamic forcing and modification
by aerosols
Powerpoint (1.8 MB) | PDF (2 MB)

E. Wilcox
Cloud fraction in SH midlatitude cyclones: observational uncertainties
Powerpoint (4.4 MB) | PDF (988 KB)
C. Naud
Overview and Status of MODIS Aerosol and Cloud Data Assimilation in GEOS-5
Powerpoint (21.2 MB) | PDF (2.4 MB)
A. da Silva
Collection 6 Update
PDF (4.9 MB)
S. Platnick

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