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Chen, F, Weber, KT, Anderson, J, Gokhale, B (2010). Comparison of MODIS fPAR Products with Landsat-5 TM-Derived fPAR over Semiarid Rangelands of Idaho. GISCIENCE & REMOTE SENSING, 47(3), 360-378.

While validation of the MODIS fPAR product is well behind that of the LAI product, it is recently receiving more attention. In this study, MODIS fPAR and Landsat-5 TM-derived fPAR (TM fPAR) were calculated and quantitatively -compared using imagery from 2005 to 2008 for the semiarid rangelands of Idaho, USA. fPAR change maps were calculated between active growth and late-summer senescence periods. Accuracy of the MODIS fPAR and TM fPAR were determined indirectly by incorporating field-based measurements of above-ground forage biomass and percent ground cover from a variety of sites (n = 442).



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