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Yan, YE, Guo, HQ, Gao, Y, Zhao, B, Chen, JQ, Li, B, Chen, JK (2010). Variations of net ecosystem CO2 exchange in a tidal inundated wetland: Coupling MODIS and tower-based fluxes. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 115, D15102.

Tidal activity is a major factor determining the distribution of plant species and ecosystem functions, including carbon fluxes. To explore the spatial variations of net ecosystem CO2 exchange (NEE) and related regulatory mechanisms along the tidal inundation gradient (i.e., middle or low tidal flat), an NEE estimation model using piecewise regression analysis was developed by coupling the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)- and tower-based measurements. The results showed that our model achieved an adequate NEE estimation (slope = 0.70, R-2 = 0.78). Then the model was applied to estimate NEE variation along a transect with a tidal inundation gradient. The average NEE was -1.75 g C m(-2) d(-1), varying from -2.02 g C m(-2) d(-1) to -1.42 g C m(-2) d(-1) from island-to oceanside. Generally, our empirical model captured the spatiotemporal patterns of NEE and the variation of the regulatory factors along the gradient. The sensitivity analysis of various regulatory variables showed that the variations of NEE near the islandside were primarily caused by seasonal shift and annual cycle of vegetation, whereas at the oceanside, NEE was more influenced by tidal activity with no clear phenological influence. In the middle area, NEE seemed to be subjected to both phenological changes of vegetation and tidal activity. In conclusion, this study illustrates that the estimates derived from MODIS-and tower-based flux data are reliable for quantifying the spatiotemporal variations of NEE and reflecting the effect of tidal activity on NEE.



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