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Cui, TW, Zhang, J, Tang, JW, Ma, Y, Qing, S (2010). Satellite retrieval of inherent optical properties in the turbid waters of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. CHINESE OPTICS LETTERS, 8(8), 721-725.

In situ-satellite match-ups of radiometric data are established in the turbid waters of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. Inherent optical properties (IOPs) are retrieved by match-up radiometric data and multi-band quasi-analytical algorithm (QAA). By comparing in situ spectra-retrieved IOPs with the satellite ones of moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) and medium resolution imaging spectrometer (MERIS), the accuracy of satellite-derived IOPs is quantified. The median of the absolute percentage difference is found to be approximately 20% for the total absorption coefficient a(t)(lambda) at green and blue-green bands, and 30% for particulate material backscattering coefficient b(bp)(lambda) throughout the visible bands. The spatial pattern and temporal variability of IOPs along the eastern coast of China are clarified based on satellite images and the QAA model.



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