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Lazzara, L, Marchese, C, Massi, L, Nuccio, C, Maselli, F, Santini, C, Pieri, M, Sorani, V (2010). "Sub-regional patterns of primary production annual cycle in the Ligurian and North Tyrrhenian seas, from satellite data". RIVISTA ITALIANA DI TELERILEVAMENTO, 42(2), 87-102.

The annual cycle of pelagic primary production (PP) from ocean colour is analysed in a transition area between Ligurian and Tyrrhenian waters, where a general oligo-mesotrophic status is seasonally modified by anthropic impact near the Tuscany coast. Based on the common ecological features six different zones were delimited. Remote sensing data from different satellites (Meteosat, Aqua) were used as input in a primary production model. The daily production of the entire area was computed on pixel by pixel basis (4x4 km) using a modified GIS software. Overwhelming importance of oceanic bloom and high spatial variance of PP (90+/-54 gC m(-2) y(r)(-1)) show that remote sensed data can allow a better estimation of carbon budget even in optically complex waters.



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