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Zhou, J, Zhan, WF, Hu, DY, Zhao, X (2010). Improvement of Mono-window Algorithm for Retrieving Land Surface Temperature from HJ-1B Satellite Data. CHINESE GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE, 20(2), 123-131.

The thermal infrared channel (IRS4) of HJ-1B satellite obtains view zenith angles (VZA) up to +/- 33 degrees. The view angle should be taken into account when retrieving land surface temperature (LST) from IRS4 data. This study aims at improving the mono-window algorithm for retrieving LST from 1RS4 data. Based on atmospheric radiative transfer simulations, a model for correcting the VZA effects on atmospheric transmittance is proposed. In addition, a generalized model for calculating the effective mean atmospheric temperature is developed. Validation with the simulated dataset based on standard atmospheric profiles reveals that the improved mono-window algorithm for IRS4 obtains high accuracy for LST retrieval, with the mean absolute error (MAE) and root mean square error (RMSE) being 1.0 K and 1.1 K, respectively. Numerical experiment with the radiosonde profile acquired in Beijing in winter demonstrates that the improved mono-window algorithm exhibits excellent ability for LST retrieval, with MAE and RMSE being 0.6 K and 0.6 K, respectively. Further application in Qinghai Lake and comparison with the Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) LST product suggest that the improved mono-window algorithm is applicable and feasible in actual conditions.



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