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Xi, WJ, Yang, BF, Wang, JL (2009). Seasonal Variation of Net Primary Production Based on MODIS image in Chuxiong Prefecture. "2009 EIGHTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GRID AND COOPERATIVE COMPUTING, PROCEEDINGS", 357-360.

Study of the seasonal change in net primary production (NPP) helps to understand the responses of ecosystem to climate change and is important to carbon cycle research. In this study, MODIS images and corresponding climate data were used to explore the seasonal Variation of terrestrial NPP in Chuxiong Prefecture in 2008. Seasonal NPP in Chuxiong Prefecture was found to show that NPP of Chuxiong prefecture is 532.3755 gc.m.2.a-1 in 2008, The value of NPP in the four seasons of Chuxiong prefecture is respectively as follows: 130.2138, 230.3415, 113.6772, 58.1430.



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