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Qiao, HB, Cheng, DF (2009). Application of EOS/MODIS-NDVI at Different Time Sequences on Monitoring Winter Wheat Acreage in Henan Province. "2009 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND INFORMATION APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY, VOL II, PROCEEDINGS", 113-115.

Calculation of winter wheat acreage in Henan Province using EOS/MODIS-NDVI data at different time sequences. [Method] After process of EOS/MODIS images, geographical adjustment, wave band combination, normal difference vegetation index (NDVI) was obtained. Based on the wide spectrum measurement, the processed data were supervisedly classified, thus the acreage of winter wheat in Henan Province in 2005 was acquired. [Result] Total 92208 pixels were observed for the winter wheat in Henan Province, and the plantation acreage was 5760 thousand hm(2). Compared with the data from statistical department, the error of this method was about 9.66%. The method introduced in the present study could be applied in monitoring winter wheat acreage.



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