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Zakharov, VP, Bratchenko, IA, Sindyaeva, AR, Timchenko, EV (2009). Modeling of optical radiation energy distribution in plant tissue. OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY, 107(6), 903-908.

A three-dimensional mathematical model of interactions of optical radiation with plant tissue taking into account its structural inhomogeneity, spectral properties, and the effects of fluorescence is constructed. The developed model is implemented using the statistical Monte Carlo method for the Henyey-Greenstein phase function. The dependence of differential backscattering and fluorescence coefficients on the concentration of photosynthetic pigments (chlorophylls) is numerically studied. It is demonstrated that numerical characteristics agree with results of physical experiment. The approximate solution based on the expansion of the diffusion and fluorescence radiation fluxes into a series in terms of a small parameter is found. This expansion makes it possible to calculate the field of backscattered radiation with satisfactory accuracy and to qualitatively correctly describe the experimentally observed dependences of the fluorescence coefficient in the region of high chlorophyll concentration.



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