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Rian, S, Xue, YK, MacDonald, GM, Toure, MB, Yu, YF, De Sales, F, Levine, PA, Doumbia, S, Taylor, CE (2009). Analysis of Climate and Vegetation Characteristics along the Savanna-Desert Ecotone in Mali Using MODIS Data. GISCIENCE & REMOTE SENSING, 46(4), 424-450.

MODIS data were used in conjunction with 600 ground survey points to create a 500 m resolution land cover product of Mali. It improves upon previously published land cover products for this region in resolution and accuracy. Of particular importance is the ability to detect small-scale, but important, wetland features such as rice cultivation areas. A combination of classical ground survey of vegetation type and structure, meteorological data, and remote sensing was used to quantify the relationship between vegetation and climate along the sensitive Sahel savanna-desert transition. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of using MODIS data for regional-scale studies.



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