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Dimitrov, P (2009). Investigation of dynamics of some biophysical parameters of Norway spruce stands by MODIS data. RAST 2009: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT ADVANCES IN SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, 392-396.

The aim of this paper is to test an approach for analysis of inter-annual vegetation dynamics on the basis of FPAR and LAI data from MODIS. Central moving average filter and linear interpolation are both used for smoothing the initial time series. Time profiles of the biophysical parameters are drawn by the filtered data and they reflect vegetation seasonal development for the period 2000-2008. The inter-annual comparison of FPAR and LAI rely on dates when certain threshold values are reached and the period in which their values arc above this thresholds. The standard deviation of the dates of reaching thresholds for the two biophysical parameters in this period is about ten days. The duration of the period in which FPAR and LAI are above the corresponding thresholds also varies in the same range. These variations do not differ from the usual inter-annual dynamics of the spruce communities.



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