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Sakaida, F, Kawamura, H, Takahashi, S, Shimada, T, Kawai, Y, Hosoda, K, Guan, L (2009). Research and Development of the New Generation Sea Surface Temperature for Open Ocean (NGSST-O) Product and Its Demonstration Operation. JOURNAL OF OCEANOGRAPHY, 65(6), 859-870.

Real-time generation and distribution of the New Generation Sea Surface Temperature for Open Ocean (NGSST-O) product began in September 2003 as a demonstration operation of the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project. Satellite sea surface temperature (SST) observations from infrared radiometers (AVHRR, MODIS) and a microwave radiometer (AMSR-E) are objectively merged to generate the NGSST-O product, which is a quality-controlled, cloud-free, high-spatial-resolution (0.05 degrees gridded), wide-coverage (13-63 degrees N, 116-166 degrees E), daily SST digital map. The NGSST-O demonstration operation system has been developed in cooperation with the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and has produced six years of continuous data without gaps. Comparison to in situ SSTs measured by drifting buoys indicates that the root mean-square error of NGSST-O has been kept at approximately 0.9 degrees C.



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