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Hu, XQ, Liu, JJ, Qiu, KM, Fan, TX, Zhang, YX, Rong, ZG, Zhang, LJ (2009). New Method Study of Sites Vicarious Calibration for SZ-3/CMODIS. SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, 29(5), 1153-1159.

Chinese MODIS onboard ShenZhou-3 spacecraft (SZ-3/CMODIS)is the experiment instrument of next generation environmental and meteorological satellites. CMODIS can obtain the data of 30 bands in visible and near infrared region from the earth-atmosphere system. But the quantitative application of these data is limited by radiometric calibration. The present paper addresses a new concept of semi-synchronous measurements with satellite observation based on the traditional sites vicarious calibration. It can meet the expected calibration requirement under the condition of no enough ground measurements. In addition to this, the reflectance of Dunhuang Calibration site is very smooth on the Vis-NIR spectral region. A new cross-calibration was also conducted experimentally using the spectral interpolation of atmospheric correction reflectance from EOS/MODIS. The results of these two methods were compared and verified with each other and showed that they are effective and reliable. These new radiometric calibration methods provide good technique experiences for the next generation in-flight optical sensors.



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