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Zhang, TT, Wen, J, van der Velde, R, Liu, R, Liu, YY (2009). Land surface temperature retrieval using ENVISAT/AATSR data over east Gansu of Loess Plateau. CHINESE JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION, 52(4), 911-918.

As the high correlation among the multi-angle thermal radiances can result in large errors, in this paper, only ENVISAT/AATSR nadir data are used to estimate total atmospheric water vapor content and land surface temperature over east Gansu of Loess Plateau instead of using both nadir and forward data. Comparing the result of the retrievals with MODIS total atmospheric water vapor content products, a little difference was found between the AATSR retrievals and MODIS products, but the retrieval of water vapor content is acceptable and can be directly used in deriving atmospheric transmittance. I-and surface temperature retrievals are also validated by using the ground measurements, the maximal absolute error is 4.0 degrees C, the average relative error is 5.0%, which indicates that the estimation is successful in the Loess Plateau.



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