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Dasgupta, S, Singh, RP, Kafatos, M (2009). Comparison of global chlorophyll concentrations using MODIS data. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, 43(7), 1090-1100.

Chlorophyll concentrations derived front satellite borne ocean color sensors data provide an idea of the distribution of phytoplanktoils across the oceans which help us in understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of phytoplanktons. The changes in the patterns of distribution and abundance of the planktons have significant impact on the entire ecosystem and play a key role in tile global carbon cycle. In this paper, we have analyzed annual and seasonal chlorophyll concentrations retrieved from MODIS data for the periods March 2000-October 2003. which reveal the spatial and seasonal distribution of chlorophyll concentrations across the global oceans. chlorophyll concentrations anomaly indicate that chlorophyll concentrations in almost all ocean regions responded Similarly. (C) 2008 COSPAR. published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



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