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Komick, NM, Costa, MPF, Gower, J (2009). Bio-optical algorithm evaluation for MODIS for western Canada coastal waters: An exploratory approach using in situ reflectance. REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT, 113(4), 794-804.

Biophysical and above-water reflectance measurements collected in 2006 were used to evaluate the OC3M, standard GSM01, and a modified version of the GSM01 algorithms for estimating chlorophyll-a (chl) concentrations in the Strait of Georgia, located off the southwest coast of Canada. The Strait was generally a case 2 water body, transitioning from chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) dominant in the central region to possibly particulate dominant in Fraser River plume regions. Results showed that the OC3M algorithm was somewhat effective (R-2=0.550) outside the most turbid areas of the Fraser River plume. However, a systematic overestimation of lower chl concentrations was found, which may have been related to the higher CDOM absorption observed throughout the Strait. The standard GSM01 algorithm had moderately good agreement with measured CDOM absorption (R-2=0.593) and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations (R-2=0.888), but was ineffective at estimating chl concentrations. Localized characterization of the CDOM absorption, through a hyperbolic CDOM model, improved the modified GSM01 results with slightly better agreement with measure CDOM absorption (R-2=0.614) and TSS concentrations (R-2=0.933). When the modified GSM01 algorithm was limited to regions with lower combined CDOM and non-algal particulate absorption (a(dg) (443)< 0.7 m(-1)), it was more effective then the OC3M algorithm at estimating chl concentrations. This suggests that a threshold value on the a(dg) (443) or b(bp) (443) estimated by the GSM01 algorithm may be beneficial for limiting turbidity influence on the algorithm. The further reinterpretation of phytoplankton absorption from the modified GSM01 algorithm with a two-component phytoplankton model resulted in a chl relationship with an R-2=0.677 and a linear slope closer to one. (C) 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.



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