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Lee, S, Ghim, YS, Kim, SW, Yoon, SC (2009). "Seasonal characteristics of chemically apportioned aerosol optical properties at Seoul and Gosan, Korea". ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 43(6), 1320-1328.

Seasonal variations of aerosol optical properties in Seoul (polluted urban site) and Gosan (coastal background site), Korea, with an emphasis on the relative humidity were investigated using ground-based aerosol measurements and optical model calculations. The mass fraction of elemental carbon was but the optical contribution of these particles to light extinction was higher, up to 33-55% in 9-20%, Seoul. In Gosan, the contribution of non-sea-salt water-soluble aerosols on extinction was 81-93% due to the high mass fraction of these particles. Based on daily MODIS datasets, our analysis showed that the aerosol optical depths at Seoul and Gosan were highest in spring due to the influence of dust particles. The aerosol water content at Gosan, calculated using a thermodynamic equilibrium model, was higher than that at Seoul; this was attributed to the high relative humidity and high fraction of water-soluble aerosols at Gosan. At Seoul, despite abundant water vapors in summer, the possibility of hygroscopic growth of water-soluble aerosols was not more significant than that at Gosan. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



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