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Wang, XW, Xie, HJ, Liang, TG, Huang, XD (2009). "Comparison and validation of MODIS standard and new combination of Terra and Aqua snow cover products in northern Xinjiang, China". HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, 23(3), 419-429.

Taking northern Xinjiang. China, as all example. this study first compares the standard MODIS Terra and Aqua snow cover classifications. and then compares the accuracy of the standard MODIS daily and 8-day snow cover products With the new daily and multi-day snow cover combination of MODIS Terra and Aqua observations using in situ measurements. Under clear sky in both products. the agreement of land classification from MODIS Terra and Aqua daily and 8-day snow cover products is close to 100% for a entire water year. In contrast, the agreement of snow classification from MODIS Terra and Aqua is high only in the winter months, decreasing in the rest of the period. The high agreement mainly concentrates ill land or snow-dominated areas, and major disagreements take place in the transitions zones from snow to land. The disagreement (mainly snow-land) in the 8-day products is higher than that in the daily products. Ill addition, both MODIS Terra and Aqua cloud masks tend to map more areas in the transition zones as cloud. Under clear sky conditions, the three daily products have similar accuracy of snow and land classification, and the 8-day standard products and the multi-day combination product also have similar accuracy of snow and land classification. This further suggests that the algorithm in the combination of Terra and Aqua snow cover products is valid. Moreover, in the actual weather/cloud conditions. the combination products from Terra and Aqua reduce cloud blockage and improve snow classification accuracy against either MODIS Terra or Aqua (51% against 44% and 34% for daily and 92% against 87% and 78% for 8-day, respectively), although Terra snow product (daily or 8-day) has slightly better accuracy than the Aqua snow product. The new combination products can provide better mapping of spatiotemporal variation of snow cover/glacier and for snow-melting modeling. Copyright (C) 2008 John Wiley & Sons. Ltd.



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