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Chernetskiy, M, Shevyrnogov, A, Shevnina, S, Vysotskaya, G, Sidko, A (2009). Investigations of the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir waters based on the multispectral satellite data. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, 43(2), 206-213.

In this work historical investigations and modern results of classification of the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir are presented. The paper presents results of studying the dynamics of phytopigments and other optically active components, using multispectral satellite data. Several approaches to interpreting satellite data for optically complex inland water bodies are offered. Based on results of historical investigations it is shown that the spatial distribution of phytoplankton in the reservoir stems back to the time of its formation. Color index in the red spectral region (CIR) is introduced. A relationship between the color index and chlorophyll concentration is investigated. The CIR, derived from the AVHRR data, has been found to be related to chlorophyll concentration. Based on MODIS data, the waters of the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir have been classified in accordance with their optical spectral variability, using the technique of unsupervised Iso-Data classification. An empirical relationship between multispectral MODIS data and the ground-truth measurements of chlorophyll concentration has been found. (C) 2008 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



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