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Celano, M, Porcu, F, Alberoni, PP, Prodi, F (2008). On the combined use of satellite multispectral and radar polarimetric measurements to infer cloud microphysics. METEOROLOGY AND ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS, 101(4-Mar), 111-126.

The extensive availability of multispectral satellite observations and polarimetric ground radar measurements enhances the remote sensing capabilities in studying structure and dynamics of cloud systems at all relevant scales. We present here a combined approach to perform a detailed cloud vertical structure analysis, by means of MODIS VIS-NIR products and C-band polarimetric radar data. Satellite products include estimates of cloud optical thickness, cloud particles effective radius and cloud top phase, to be matched with the polarimetric hydrometeor 3D classification as obtained by a fuzzy logic algorithm. The problem of matching of the two datasets is discussed and the procedure is applied to three case studies that occurred in Northern Italy. Results are presented in terms of vertical hydrometeor profile and satellite derived microphysical cloud properties, showing the capability of the combined approach in the 3D rendering of cloud structures, with envisaged applications for precipitation studies and data assimilation in meteorological models.



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