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Liang, TG, Zhang, XT, Xie, HJ, Wu, CX, Feng, QS, Huang, XD, Chen, QG (2008). Toward improved daily snow cover mapping with advanced combination of MODIS and AMSR-E measurements. REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT, 112(10), 3750-3761.

Taking three snow seasons from November 1 to March 31 of year 2002 to 2005 in northern Xinjiang, China as an example, this study develops a new daily snow cover product (500 m) through combining MODIS daily snow cover data and AMSR-E daily snow water equivalent (SWE) data. By taking advantage of both high spatial resolution of optical data and cloud transparency of passive microwave data, the new daily snow cover product greatly complements the deficiency of MODIS product when cloud cover is present especially for snow cover product on a daily basis and effectively improves daily snow detection accuracy. In our example, the daily snow agreement of the new Product with the in situ measurements at 20 stations is 75.4%, which is much higher than the 33.7% of the MODIS daily product in all weather conditions, even a little higher than the 71% of the MODIS 8-day product (cloud cover of similar to 5%). Our results also indicate that i) AMSR-E daily SWE imagery generally agrees with MODlOAl data in detecting snow cover, with overall agreement of 93.4% and snow agreement of 96.6% in the study area: ii) AMSR-E daily SWE imagery underestimates the snow covered area (SCA) due to its coarse spatial resolution; iii) The new snow cover product can better and effectively capture daily SCA dynamics during the snow seasons, which plays a significant role in reduction, mitigation, and prevention of snow-caused disasters in pastoral areas. (c) 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.



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