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Grasso, LD, Sengupta, M, Dostalek, JF, Brummer, R, Demaria, M (2008). Synthetic satellite imagery for current and future environmental satellites. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, 29(15), 4373-4384.

During the next decade, data from a new generation of US geostationary and polar orbiting satellites will become available. To prepare for these data, representative imagery of these satellites is desirable. Two independent methods have been developed to create imagery from future satellites before they are placed into orbit. One method uses data from current operational and experimental satellites. Data obtained this way are referred to as simulated imagery. Another method generates satellite imagery by using numerical models. Data obtained by this method are referred to as synthetic imagery. Each method has some weaknesses that can be overcome by using both methods together. Synthetic imagery for two future US sensors is introduced in this paper. Emphasis is placed on a severe thunderstorm event.



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