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Li, J, Li, JL (2008). Derivation of global hyperspectral resolution surface emissivity spectra from advanced infrared sounder radiance measurements. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 35(15), L15807.

The global IR surface emissivity spectra are very important for retrieving products such as dust properties, land surface temperature, trace gases, and cloud-top properties, as well as assimilating hyperspectral resolution IR radiances in NWP models over land. In this study, global IR surface emissivity spectra have been generated by using AIRS radiance measurements from NASA's EOS Aqua platform. A one-dimensional variation retrieval algorithm was used for retrieving the global hyperspectral resolution IR surface emissivity product. The 8-day composite of AIRS IR surface emissivity retrievals agrees well with the operational MODIS emissivity product (collection 4.0) at a few broad spectral bands, with the differences less than 0.02 in most regions for 8.55 mm spectral band; in addition, the AIRS retrievals provide more complete spectral information. The spatial and spectral features of the derived emissivity over desert and other regions reflect the ecosystem surface types, but show more variability than IGBP classification.



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