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Yamaji, T, Sakai, T, Endo, T, Baruah, PJ, Akiyama, T, Saigusa, N, Nakai, Y, Kitamura, K, Ishizuka, M, Yasuoka, Y (2008). Scaling-up technique for net ecosystem productivity of deciduous broadleaved forests in Japan using MODIS data. ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 23(4), 765-775.

We attempted to obtain carbon sequestration maps of deciduous forests in Japan using detectable parameters from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) sensor and to determine how the spatial pattern of carbon sequestration differs within the same forest ecosystem type. For this investigation, we firstly parameterized the MODIS algorithm at one flux tower site, Takayama, for the years 2002-2003. The MODIS algorithm could link flux-based net ecosystem productivity (NEP) with simple functions controlled by a thermal infrared band and a vegetation index. Second, the performance of the MODIS algorithm was validated through comparisons with the flux-based NEP at another flux tower site, Hitsujigaoka. The MODIS-based NEP at Hitsujigaoka was also within an accuracy of a flux-based NEP with R (2) of 0.879 and root mean square error of 1.64 gC m(-2) day(-1), regardless of canopy structure and age. The MODIS algorithm was noteworthy for its general applicability in different locations. Finally, we used the MODIS algorithm for the same forest ecosystem type in Japan for regional extrapolation of NEP. The MODIS-based NEP of deciduous forests in Japan showed great variance with 347 +/- 288 gC m(-2) year(-1) in 2002, according to the stand structure and climatic condition of the year. Studies for quantification of ecosystem carbon balance need to consider variance, frequency and spatial distributions of NEP. Satellite remote sensing demonstrated the potential for the large-scale mapping of NEP.



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