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Rinsland, CP, Luo, M, Shephard, MW, Clerbaux, C, Boone, CD, Bernath, PF, Chiou, L, Coheur, PF (2008). Tropospheric emission spectrometer (TES) and atmospheric chemistry experiment (ACE) measurements of tropospheric chemistry in tropical southeast Asia during a moderate El Nino in 2006. JOURNAL OF QUANTITATIVE SPECTROSCOPY & RADIATIVE TRANSFER, 109(10), 1931-1942.

High spectral resolution Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) measurements of tropospheric carbon monoxide (CO) distributions show mixing ratios over Indonesia during October 2006 of similar to 200 ppbv (10(-9) per unit volume) in the middle troposphere. The elevated emissions were caused by intense and widespread Indonesian peat and forest fire emissions elevated compared to other years by the impact of a moderate El Nino/Soutern Oscillation (ENSO) event, which delayed that year's monsoon season and produced very dry conditions. Moderate resolution imaging spectrometer (MODIS) fire counts, atmospheric chemistry experiment (ACE) measurements of elevated mixing ratios of fire emission products and near infrared extinction, and back trajectory calculations for a sample measurement location near the time of maximum emissions provide additional evidence that the elevated 2006 emissions resulted primarily from the Indonesia fires. Lower CO mixing ratios measured by ACE and fewer MODIS fire counts in Indonesia during October 2005 indicate lower emissions than during 2006. Coincident profiles from the ACE agree within the uncertainties with those from the tropospheric emission spcctrometer (TES) for pressure ranges and time periods with good TES sensitivity after accounting for its lower vertical sensitivity compared with the ACE FTS. (C) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



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