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Pandya, MR, Singh, RP, Chaudhari, KN, Murali, KR, Kirankumar, AS, Dadhwal, VK, Parihar, JS (2007). Spectral characteristics of sensors onboard IRS-1D and P6 satellites: Estimation and their influence on surface reflectance and NDVI. PHOTONIRVACHAK-JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN SOCIETY OF REMOTE SENSING, 35(4), 333-350.

This paper reports the results of a modeling study carried out with two objectives, (1) to estimate and compare effective spectral characteristics (central wavelength, bandwidth and bandpass exo-atmospheric solar irradiance E-o) of various spectral channels of LISS-III, WiFS, LISS-III*, LISS-IV and AWiFS onboard Indian Remote Sensing Satellites IRS-1D and P6 using moment method based on the laboratory measurements of sensor spectral response, and (2) to quantify the influence of varying sensor spectral response on reflectance and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) measurements using surface reflectance spectra corresponding to different leaf area index conditions of crop target obtained through field experiment. Significant deviation of 4 to 14 nm in central wavelength and 1.6 to 14.07 nm in spectral width was observed for the corresponding channel of IRS sensors. Coefficient of variation of the order of 0.1 to 1.11% was noticed in E-o among various IRS sensors, which could induce a difference of 0.72 to 3.35% in the estimation of top of atmosphere reflectance for crop target. The variation in spectral response of IRS sensors implied a relative difference of the order of 0.91 to 3.38% in surface reflectance and NDVI measurements. Polynomial approximations are also provided for spectral correction that can be utilized for normalizing the artifacts introduced due to differences in spectral characteristics among IRS sensors.



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