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Misra, A, Jayaraman, A, Ganguly, D (2008). Validation of MODIS derived aerosol optical depth over Western India. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 113(D4), D04203.

MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) derived aerosol optical depths (AODs) were compared against the ground based observations from Microtops sunphotometer over Ahmedabad (72.5 degrees E, 23.03 degrees N) in Western India. The region is semiarid and poses challenge for the satellite remote sensing of aerosols. Besides comparing the ground truth with the Collection Version 4 of MODIS aerosol product, the paper reports the first ever validation of the updated Collection Version 5 of the MODIS aerosol product over India. The AOD data from Aqua platform is averaged over 0.5 degrees x 0.5 degrees centered at Ahmedabad and compared with the sunphotometer observation taken within half an hour to the satellite overpass time. The Version 4 data comparison showed a large scatter. Further, the comparison for 470 nm and 660 nm behave differently over different years. Overall, the comparison shows considerable improvement in the Collection Version 5 aerosol product. Among seasons, Pre-Monsoon (April to May) has the best correlation and Dry season (December to March) the least. The updated product has scope for further improvement as the correlations are less than unity, and the extent of underestimation for 470 nm is more during Dry and Post-Monsoon seasons whereas that for 660 nm is more during Pre-Monsoon and Monsoon seasons which are dominated by fine and coarse particles respectively. The results show a better surface reflectance parameterization by the MODIS Collection Version 5 algorithm as compared to Version 4 but the aerosol model used in the retrieval algorithm is still not adequate.



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