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Adamo, M, De Carolis, G, Morelli, S (2007). Comparison of MODIS and ETA profiles of atmospheric parameters in coastal zones with radiosonde data. NUOVO CIMENTO DELLA SOCIETA ITALIANA DI FISICA C-GEOPHYSICS AND SPACE PHYSICS, 30(3), 255-275.

The quality of atmospheric profiles gathered by the spaceborne Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor onboard the Terra platform and those predicted by the ETA atmospheric circulation model are assessed against corresponding radiosonde (RS) measurements. The analysis is carried out on a statistical basis taking as reference the radiosoundings collected at two coastal stations, namely Ajaccio (France) and Pratica di Mare (Italy), during the spring 2000. The examined days were characterized by smooth and slow variations of the atmospheric conditions so that a temporal lag up to about three hours between RS and MODIS profiles could be considered for comparison purposes. Both ETA predictions and MODIS retrievals compare well with RS data and their relative agreement is good. Although, as expected, the profiles of the analyzed quantities, namely temperature and moisture for both MODIS and ETA outputs and horizontal wind components predicted by ETA model, could not follow the largest fluctuations measured by RS, their averages are reproduced with a satisfactory degree of reliability. These results encourage the perspective to exploit remote measurements from the MODIS sensor of atmospheric temperature and water vapour as input to operative circulation models, such as ETA, for reliable forecasts and detailed monitoring on global scale of the atmospheric structure and dynamics.



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