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Leahy, LV, Anderson, TL, Eck, TF, Bergstrom, RW (2007). A synthesis of single scattering albedo of biomass burning aerosol over southern Africa during SAFARI 2000. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 34(12), L12814.

We present a synthesis of single scattering albedo for biomass burning aerosol from the SAFARI 2000 field campaign. Values at 550 nm were derived from three methods: airborne in situ measurements of aerosol scattering and absorption; airborne flux radiometry; and ground-based sun-photometer/radiometer retrievals from AERONET. Collocated comparisons indicate that uncertainties are well understood for all three methods. The new ( Version 2) AERONET retrieval gives substantially lower single scattering albedo over bright surfaces, and the comparisons herein represent the first independent check of this retrieval. Combined in situ and AERONET data yield a regional value of 0.85 +/- 0.02 ( mean and total uncertainty), which we propose is representative of single scattering albedo for the Southern African region during the biomass burning season. This value agrees with the highly absorbing smoke'' model used in MODIS aerosol retrievals, but indicates that many of the AeroCom models overestimate single scattering albedo for this region and season.



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