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Kampe, TU, Sokolik, IN (2007). Remote sensing retrievals of fine mode aerosol optical depth and impacts on its correlation with CO from biomass burning. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 34(12), L12806.

It has been suggested that simultaneous satellite measurements of mid-visible fine mode aerosol optical depth tau(f) and CO concentrations can aid in improving the characterization of biomass burning in chemical transport models. However different approaches for retrieving tau(f) have recently been proposed. Using MODIS and MOPITT data, we examine the impact these have on the regression slope between enhancements of tau(f) and CO (Delta tau(f)/Delta CO) for representative biomass burning cases, including savanna and extratropical forests. Both MODIS Collection 4 and recent Collection 5 aerosol products are used in our study. We find that tau(f) varies systematically with retrieval method causing systematic differences in the slope of regression. Regardless of method used, noticeable differences in regression slope are observed for different types of biomass burning. Our results point out the need for consistency in defining tau(f) between satellite measurements and models if the Delta tau(f)/Delta CO ratio is to be used as a constraint.



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