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Sun, ZG, Wang, QX, Ouyang, Z, Watanabe, M, Matsushita, B, Fukushima, T (2007). Evaluation of MOD16 algorithm using MODIS and ground observational data in winter wheat field in North China Plain. HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, 21(9), 1196-1206.

Evapotranspiration (ET) is an important factor for understanding hydrological processes and climate dynamics. Remote sensing is considered as the most promising tool for estimation of ET over a large spatial scale. The purpose of this study is to analyse and evaluate the MOD] 6 algorithm, developed by Nishida et al. (2003a,b), in winter wheat fields by using MODIS land products, MODI I-land surface temperature and MOD13-standard normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), as well as observations at the Yucheng Experimental Station, China in 2002. The original MOD16 is a dual-source ET model in which the evaporation fraction (EF) for bare soil surface is estimated using the VI-Ts diagram method, and EF for vegetation is determined by a function of canopy resistance, aerodynamic resistance and air temperature. We analysed a radiation budget sub-model and found that the estimate for solar radiation is acceptable only on cloud-free days. We also found that, in the original MOD16, seasonal variations of minimum canopy resistance and physiological temperatures are not considered, which results in overestimation of canopy resistance when leaf area index (LAI) is less than 2.5. Because the strong unstable thermal stratification over the dry bare soil surface is ignored in the original algorithm, wind speed is overestimated and aerodynamic resistance above the vegetation surface is underestimated. We then modified the original MOD16 algorithm. The result shows that both EF and ET for vegetation estimated with the modified algorithm are in consistent with both the observations of an eddy covariance system and the calculations using the Penman-Monteith method. Copyright (c) 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.



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