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Tang, JW, Gu, XF, Niu, SL, Ma, CF, Min, XJ (2005). Water target based cross-calibration of CBERS-02 CCD camera with MODIS data. SCIENCE IN CHINA SERIES E-ENGINEERING & MATERIALS SCIENCE, 48, 61-71.

In order to make quantitative watercolor sensing with China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS-02) CCD camera, the MODIS data with higher accuracy is used to cross-calibrate the CCD camera over water targets. In homogeneous clear water area, two pairs of images obtained over the same area on the same day by the two sensors are selected. The top-of-atmosphere (TOA) radiances of the multispectral bands of CCD are calculated with the water and aerosol parameters from MODIS based on a water-atmosphere radiative transfer algorithm. The stripes in CCD image that caused by unequal response of the CCD array detectors are firstly removed before making the cross-calibration. The same part of CCD detectors is selected for the calibrations in the two images to eliminate the residual error of destriping and uniformity correction for the focus plane irradiance. It is shown that the calibration results from two different images are consistent. The error of this method is about 5%.



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