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Nakajima, TY, Uchiyama, A, Takamura, T, Tsujioka, N, Takemura, T, Nakajima, T (2005). "Comparisons of warm cloud properties obtained from satellite, ground, and aircraft measurements during APEX intensive observation period in 2000 and 2001". JOURNAL OF THE METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN, 83(6), 1085-1095.

Cloud microphysical properties derived from satellite data during December 2:000 and April 2001, Asian Atmospheric Particulate Environment Change Studies (APEX) Intensive Observational Period (IOP), are compared with ground and aircraft measurements. The target clouds are marine stratus and stratocumulus. They appeared over the Amami-Oshima Island, and off the south coast of Kyushu island. The principal goals of the comparison are to understand the characteristics of data obtained from each observing platform, and investigate the potentiality of synergistic use of multi platform data. The liquid water paths obtained from satellite (MODIS) observation by using the GLI cloud retrieval algorithm were compared with the ground-based measurements (microwave radiometer). The correlation coefficient and the root mean square error between ground and satellite liquid water path was 0.87 and 61.9 g/m(2). The satellite-retrieved cloud effective radius agreed with those from the aircraft measurements (FSSP) around the top of the cloud.



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