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Zhang, J, Yang, XG, Li, YH, Yang, QG (2005). Estimation of surface energy and day evapotranspiration in a dry-farming region of Northwest China using satellite data. CHINESE JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION, 48(6), 1261-1269.

By using observational data of land processes and EOS/MODIS data, the surface parameters, energy flux and day evapotranspiration in the dry-farming region in Northwest China are derived. Then, the spatial-temporal variety of flux and day evapotranspiration are analyzed. The result shows that surface characters of the region are well reflected by retrieval values from EOS/MODIS. The most of relative errors of different parameters are less than 20%. There are asymmetric distributions of flux and day evapotranspiration of the region. The current of seasonal change is of a single-apex model, which is lower in winter and higher in summer. Comparing with the region with middle and low vegetation fractions, the values of some parameters are higher for the region with a higher vegetation fraction, which include net radiation, latent heat flux and day evapotranspiration. The values of other parameters are lower which are soil heat flux and sensible heat flux. The characters of all these parameters are more prominent in spring and summer. Seasonal change of energy flux in middle and low vegetation fraction regions is not obvious, showing that dry soil is thick in the dry-farming region in Northwest China.



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