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Fritz, S, Lee, L (2005). Comparison of land cover maps using fuzzy agreement. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCE, 19(7), 787-807.

A generic problem associated with different land cover maps that cover the same geographical area is the use of different legend categories. There may be disagreement in many areas when comparing different land cover products even though the legend shows the same or very similar land cover class. To capture the uncertainty associated with both differences in the legend and the difficulty in classification when comparing two land cover maps, expert knowledge and a fuzzy logic framework are used to map the fuzzy agreement. The methodology is illustrated by comparing the Global Land Cover 2000 data set and the MODIS global land cover product. Overall accuracy measures are calculated, and the spatial fuzzy agreement between the two land cover products is provided. This approach can be used to improve the overall confidence in a land cover product, since areas of severe disagreement can be highlighted, and areas can be identified that require further attention and possible re-mapping.



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