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Ito, TY, Miura, N, Lhagvasuren, B, Enkhbileg, D, Takatsuki, S, Tsunekawa, A, Jiang, ZW (2005). Preliminary evidence of a barrier effect of a railroad on the migration of Mongolian gazelles. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY, 19(3), 945-948.

Much remains to be learned about how anthropogenic structures affect migration in large mammals. We examined the potential influence of the international railroad in Mongolia on migration in Mongolian gazelles (Procapra gutturosa). We examined gazelle movements and the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) on both sides of the railroad. The tracked gazelles never crossed the railroad, despite movements that mainly followed the railroad in winter and higher NDVI values on the opposite side. It is likely that the railroad had a barrier effect on gazelle migration because it split the gazelles' habitat. Our results, although based on an extremely small sample, have utility in indicating approaches that might be useful for examining migration in ungulates.



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