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Rahman, AF, Cordova, VD, Gamon, JA, Schmid, HP, Sims, DA (2004). Potential of MODIS ocean bands for estimating CO2 flux from terrestrial vegetation: A novel approach. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 31(10), L10503.

A physiologically-driven spectral index using two ocean-color bands of MODIS satellite sensor showed great potential to track seasonally changing photosynthetic light use efficiency (LUE) and stress-induced reduction in net primary productivity (NPP) of terrestrial vegetation. Based on these findings, we developed a simple continuous field'' model solely based on remotely sensed spectral data that could explain 88% of variability in flux-tower based daily NPP. For the first time, such a procedure is successfully tested at landscape level using satellite imagery. These findings highlight the unexplored potential of narrow-band satellite sensors to improve estimates of spatial and temporal distribution in terrestrial carbon flux.



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