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Hansen, MC, DeFries, RS, Townshend, JRG, Carroll, M, Dimiceli, C, Sohlberg, RA (2003). Global Percent Tree Cover at a Spatial Resolution of 500 Meters: First Results of the MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields Algorithm. EARTH INTERACTIONS, 7, 10.

The first results of the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) vegetation continuous field algorithm's global percent tree cover are presented. Percent tree cover per 500-m MODIS pixel is estimated using a supervised regression tree algorithm. Data derived from the MODIS visible bands contribute the most to discriminating tree cover. The results show that MODIS data yield greater spatial detail in the characterization of tree cover compared to past efforts using AVHRR data. This finer-scale depiction should allow for using successive tree cover maps in change detection studies at the global scale. Initial validation efforts show a reasonable relationship between the MODIS-estimated tree cover and tree cover from validation sites.



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