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Gao, BC, Kaufman, YJ, Tanre, D, Li, RR (2002). Distinguishing tropospheric aerosols from thin cirrus clouds for improved aerosol retrievals using the ratio of 1.38-mu m and 1.24-mu m channels. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 29(18), 1890.

[1] The scattering of solar radiation by cirrus clouds often contaminates aerosol products retrieved from satellite-based measurements using channels located in the visible and near-IR spectral region. Previously, it was demonstrated that a narrow satellite channel located near 1.38 mum is very effective in detecting the high level thin cirrus clouds. In this paper, we describe a ratio technique using the 1.38-mum channel and the 1.24-mum channel for identifying pixels contaminated by thin cirrus clouds so that improved aerosol and dust products can be obtained. The multi-channel data acquired with the NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MODIS) on the Terra Spacecraft are used to demonstrate this technique.



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