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Eckert, C, Pizka, M (1999). Improving resource management in distributed systems using language-level structuring concepts. JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING, 13(1), 33-55.

Currently, a shift of paradigm from sequential to distributed computing can be observed. Tremendous efforts are needed to cope with the challenging demands that are inherent to this transition. The two most important issues concern programming support for developing large-scale distributed applications and the efficient execution of such applications on top of a distributed hardware configuration. This paper presents a new language and object-based approach called MoDiS to cope with these demands. Distributed systems are developed and transformed into executables following a systematic, top-down driven method. Language-level is intended to mean that a high-level programming language is used to develop operating system services as well as user-level applications. The language-level concepts employed are based on objects and support advanced structuring features. Structural dependencies between objects are implicitly determined at the application level and exploited by the distributed resource management system to transform applications into efficient executables.



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