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Zhang, MW; Dong, Q; Tang, JW; Song, QJ (2010). Evaluation of the retrieval of total suspended matter concentration in Taihu Lake, China from CBERS-02B CCD. CHINESE JOURNAL OF OCEANOLOGY AND LIMNOLOGY, 28(6), 1316-1322.

Remote sensing techniques is used to quantify the total suspended matter concentration (C-TSM) In this study, we used remotely sensed data to retrieve the C-TSM for the Taihu Lake, China, and developed an atmospheric correction algorithm especially for CBERS-02B CCD data We simulated the remote sensing reflectance (R-rs) of CCD bands using in-situ observations made in a cruise over the Taihu Lake m autumn 2004, from which a retrieval model is established with simulated R-rs(830) and measured C-TSM In addition, we applied the atmospheric correction algorithm and retrieval model to process the CCD data over the lake in 2008 and to retrieve the C-TSM The RMS relative error between the C-TSM retrieved from MODIS and from the CCD images is about 42 9%, indicating that algorithms described in this paper can be used for the application of CCD data in monitoring the C-TSM distribution in the Taihu Lake



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