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Zhang, MW; Tang, JW; Dong, Q (2010). Study on the cross-calibration of a charge-coupled device camera on the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite-02B by moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer. JOURNAL OF APPLIED REMOTE SENSING, 4, 43523.

It has been shown that the laboratory calibration coefficient of charge-coupled device camera (CCD camera) on China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite-02B (CBERS-02B) is not fit for the water component retrieval. As a result, the CCD was cross-calibrated by Aqua MODIS with higher calibration accuracy, which was based on the total radiance at the top of atmosphere calculated from normalized water-leaving radiance and aerosol parameters of Aqua MODIS. The analysis about the error related to the parameters used in the cross-calibration showed that the error of the calibration coefficients can be less than 5%, which was mostly determined by the accuracy of aerosol scattering of CCD band 830nm. Using the calibration coefficients, chlorophyll concentration was retrieved from CCD imagery and was compared with that from Aqua MODIS. The comparison showed that the calibration result worked better than the laboratory coefficient.



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