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Marghany, M; Hashim, M (2010). MODIS satellite data for modeling chlorophyll-a concentrations in Malaysian coastal waters. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES, 5(10), 1489-1495.

This study is compared among four algorithms for mapping chlorophyll-a spatial variations from MODIS satellite data along the east coast of Malaysia. These algorithms are: (i) Aiken's, (ii) Clark-3-bands, (iii) Gordon and (iv) Normalized Difference Chlorophyll Index (NDCI) algorithm. The results show that the Aiken's algorithm is appropriate for accurately synoptic chlorophyll mapping distribution. In fact, the algorithm performs the lowest root mean square error of +/-0.10 mg/m(3) as compared to other algorithms. In conclusion, MODIS data can be used as a computing tool for accurately mapping chlorophyll concentration along the coastal water of Malaysia with the implementation of Aiken's algorithm.



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