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Yao, YJ; Qin, QM; Fadhil, AM; Li, YF; Zhao, SH; Liu, SM; Sui, XX; Dong, H (2011). Evaluation of EDI derived from the exponential evapotranspiration model for monitoring China's surface drought. ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES, 63(2), 425-436.

Drought has become the most severe natural disaster in many provinces of China. In this paper, evaporative drought index (EDI) has been used to monitor China's surface dryness conditions based on the exponential evapotranspiration (ET) model and Hargreaves equation from JAXA-MODIS Insolation products, GEWEX, NCEP-2 and MODIS NDVI data. The exponential ET model based on the surface net radiation, vegetation index, mean air temperature and diurnal air temperature range (DTaR) has been developed to estimate surface ET of China and has been independently validated using ground-measured data collected from two sites (Arou and Miyun) in China, indicating that the bias varies from -5.96 to 5.02 W/m(2). The good agreement between daily estimated and ground-measured ET using ground observation data collected from all 22 sites further supports the validity of the exponential ET model for regional ET estimation. Moreover, EDI is closely correlated to the average soil moisture at 0-10 cm soil depth of the Yongning site with coefficient of determination of R (2) = 0.52. The spatio-temporal patterns of monthly ET and EDI from April to September of 2004 over China are explored and the result indicates EDI is accordant with the precipitation by comparing the 15-day smoothed EDI with precipitation over six representative sites. The EDI based on the exponential ET model by integrating energy fluxes in response to soil moisture stress has demonstrated its validity for monitoring China's surface drought events.



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