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Ramachandran, S; Wang, MH (2011). Near-Real-Time Ocean Color Data Processing Using Ancillary Data From the Global Forecast System Model. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING, 49(4), 1485-1495.

This paper investigates the improvements to the quality of ocean color data using an appropriate choice of ancillary data for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operational ocean color data processing, which requires routine ocean color product production in near real time. The ancillary data, such as the total column ozone amount, sea surface wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and total column water-vapor amount, are required for satellite ocean color data processing for deriving ocean color products, e. g., normalized water-leaving radiance spectra data, chlorophyll-a concentration, water diffuse attenuation coefficient, etc. Currently, NOAA's CoastWatch program uses the climatology ancillary data for the near-real-time ocean color data processing. Alternative ancillary data sets that can replace the climatology data for the near-real-time ocean color data processing have been investigated and studied. The studies were carried out from four selected NOAA CoastWatch regions covering the U. S. coastal and Hawaii regions and for four months (January, April, July, and October), representing the four seasons. Based on the evaluation results, we propose to use the ancillary data produced from the Global Forecast System (GFS) model for the NOAA operational ocean color data processing, as well as for any other near-real-time data processing that requires ancillary data inputs. The effects of using the GFS model data on the accuracy of the derived ocean color products are also investigated and discussed.



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