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Liu, FF; Chen, CQ; Tang, SL; Liu, DZ (2011). Retrieval of chlorophyll a concentration from a fluorescence enveloped area using hyperspectral data. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, 32(13), 3611-3623.

It is acknowledged that fluorescence line height (FLH) algorithms are still hampered by the uncertainty of fluorescence peak position. The fluorescence peak moves to longer wavelengths with the increase of chlorophyll a concentration. In this article, the fluorescence enveloped area (FEA), which integrates the fluorescence height and the fluorescence peak position, was used to estimate the chlorophyll a concentration in the coastal waters of the Pearl River Estuary. The FEA algorithm was developed from in situ data of chlorophyll a concentration, total suspended matter (TSM) concentration and above-water remote sensing reflectance, which were collected at 37 sampling stations in the Pearl River Estuary during two cruises. The results showed that the FEA algorithm made a better estimation of chlorophyll a concentration compared with the widely used FLH algorithm and moving fluorescence line height (MFLH) algorithm. These three algorithms were applied to the Pearl River Estuary for retrieval of chlorophyll a concentration from Hyperion data acquired on 21 December 2006. Compared with the FLH and the MFLH, the FEA algorithm showed a rational distribution of the chlorophyll a concentration in the Pearl River Estuary.



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