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Liu, XP; Zhang, JQ; Tong, ZJ; Bao, YL; Zhang, DH (2011). Grid-Based Multi-Attribute Risk Assessment of Snow Disasters in the Grasslands of Xilingol, Inner Mongolia. HUMAN AND ECOLOGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT, 17(3), 712-731.

This study presents the methodology and procedure for risk analysis, assessment, and regionalization of snow disasters in grassland regions, supported by geographical information systems (GIS) and technology of natural disaster risk assessment from the viewpoints of climatology, geography, disaster science, and environmental science. Based on the standard formulation of natural disaster risk, the composite Grassland Snow Disaster Risk Index (GSDRI) combined the hazard of grassland snow, the exposure of the region, the vulnerability, and emergency response and recovery capability (management ability) for grassland snow disasters in the region were developed by using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Weighted Comprehensive Method (WCM). The GSDRI was developed to compare the relative risk of economic and life loss in different counties of Xilingol. It can also be used to compare different relative contributions such as meteorological triggering factor, and natural and socioeconomic factors. The result shows that the risk degrees of the grassland snow disaster in Xilingol increases gradually from southwest to northeast. The information obtained from field investigation and interviews in relation to results compiled were statistically evaluated. The results obtained in this study are specifically intended to support local and national governmental agencies in grassland snow disaster management.



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