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Ahmed, S; Harmel, T; Gilerson, A; Hlaing, S; Tonizzo, A; Davis, C; Weidemann, A; Arnone, R (2011). Hyperspectral and multispectral above-water radiometric measurements to monitor satellite data quality over coastal area. OCEAN SENSING AND MONITORING III, 8030, 803002.

The Long Island Sound Coastal Observational platform (LISCO) near Northport, New York, has been recently established to support satellite data validation. LISCO has both multispectral and hyperspectral radiometers for ocean color measurements. LISCO offers the potential for improving the calibration and validation activities of current and future Ocean Color satellite missions, as well as for satellite intercomparisons and spectral characterization of coastal waters. The multispectral measurements (SeaPRISM system) are part of the NASA AERONET - Ocean Color Network. In addition, LISCO expand observational capabilities for the continuous monitoring and assessment of the hyperspectral (HyperSAS system) and polarized properties Results of measurements made by both the multi- and hyper-spectral instruments, in operation since October 2009, are presented. Intercomparisons between HyperSAS and SeaPRISM data has been carried out, permitting the quantification of the main sources of uncertainty. The three main OCR satellites, MERIS, MODIS and SeaWiFS, have been evaluated against the LISCO dataset of quality-checked measurements of SeaPRISM and HYPERSAS. A first attempt of validation of the hyperspectral imagery provided by the HICO satellite mission is also presented.



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