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Su, YX; Li, Z; Wang, Y (2011). Study on climatic regionalization for mango planting in Guangxi based on "3S"technology. ADVANCES IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, 230-234.

According to the request of mango growth to the ecological and climatic conditions, this study screened out the suitable climatic regionalization factors and restrictive climatic elements and determined the agro-climate regionalization indices for mango planting. On the GIS platform, by using climate and geographical data of 90 meteorological stations during 40 years to calculate the spatial regionalization indices in mountainous area and combining the land utilization information from EOS/MODIS satellite data, the agro-climate area for mango planting in Guangxi was regionalized. The results of this study provide the scientific basis for optimizing the distribution and improving yields of mango planting in Guangxi Region.



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