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Ostrowska, M (2012). Model of the dependence of the sun-induced chlorophyll a fluorescence quantum yield on the environmental factors in the sea. OPTICS EXPRESS, 20(21), 23300-23317.

The paper discusses a physical model, obtained with the aid of statistical analyses, of the relationships between the sun-induced chlorophyll a fluorescence quantum yield and marine environmental factors. The relationships are based on a large set of empirical data from various ocean regions with basins of different trophicity, at different depths and in different seasons. Underwater spectral radiance and irradiance in the PAR spectral range were used to determine the quantum yield of sun-induced chlorophyll a fluorescence. From a statistical analysis a preliminary mathematical expression was derived to describe the fluorescence quantum yield as a function of the scalar irradiance, basin trophicity and the water temperature in situ. These relationships may be useful for analysing the budget of the light energy absorbed by phytoplankton pigments utilized in chemical and non-chemical quenching. (C) 2012 Optical Society of America



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